Tips for Adding Resources

Additional information is available on the Help page.

You must be a registered user to add a resource.  If you are not signed in when you start the add process you will be prompted to sign in or register.  Or you may click here to register.

1. Choose the green Add a Resource to our library in the right column of the screen.

Green Add a Resource


Please read the Resource Criteria and then select the Create a Resource link.

Add a Resource pointer


Title vs. Name: The Title is the first line a user sees in a resource display.  It should contain your product or service and at least a short version of your organization's name.  The Name field is the formal name as would be used in a mailing address or a name on a building.  The Title and Name may be the same.


 Blurb vs. Full Description: The Blurb is a short description (limited to 168 characters) telling the user what service or product this resource provides.  The Full Description is the "expanded view" seen by the user when the user clicks "more" or "Full Info."  It should contain details such as necessary additional description of the program, service or product; cost description; insurance accepted; hours of operation; referral required and credentials of the providers.  (limited to 1024 characters)  This description is not intended to take the place of a link to your website, but a strong understanding for the user is important.



Website and Contact Information: DiabetesLocal provides "end point references" to resources.  Therefore it is very important the location and contact information is specific and accurate.  The website should point to the specific product or service referenced by the resource if possible and not the organization's home page.  The important contact information is Resource address, Resource phone and a Resource email.  The e-mail is available to registered users only.  This email address should be one that is well monitored for response and not necessarily directly to one individual.  We are adding the precaution of requiring senders to be registered and not displaying the email address to reduce the possibility of unrelated messages.



The final pieces of information are for the Primary Contact and the Alternate Contact.  These are the USERS that have access to edit resource information.  Their contact information is not available to general users and is used by DiabetesLocal for contact related to posting of resource information.  If the contact has not registered at the time the resource data is entered, this process will create the user's account.  That user can then gain access through a process that connects them to DiabetesLocal with the use of their registered email address.





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