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Individuals with diabetes, pre-diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes, their caregivers, and health care professionals will have a reliable, convenient, comprehensive listing of locally accessible resources to support diabetes self-management and the understanding of how to best utilize these resources.


The mission of DiabetesLocal is to connect the growing number of individuals impacted by chronic conditions with the growing number of locally accessible quality services and products available in the information age.

Through this connection, individuals with diabetes will have the support needed to improve their diabetes self-management skills.  A comprehensive listings of locally accessible, current, professionally screened, and appropriate resources and services will empower individuals to seek out those resources that will support and sustain their adaption of the self-care behaviors needed to successfully manage their diabetes. DiabetesLocal will foster the awareness and understanding of the American Association of Diabetes Educators Self-Care Behaviors needed to self-manage diabetes and its complications.


DiabetesLocal launched in 2010 was created by a Certified Diabetes Educator who operated a diabetes helpline for over 20 years providing assistance to thousands of individuals who have sought information on managing their disease.  Many of the questions and information sought were in relation to where individuals could go in their local community in order to find support, services, and education to learn self-management skills.

It was recognized a local diabetes resource guide could assist many individuals with diabetes, their family members, caregivers, as well as healthcare providers locate resources within their own community.

There are many searches available on the internet but how does one determine if a resource is reputable.  DiabetesLocal's healthcare professionals review each resource submission to ensure that pre-determined criteria established by an Advisory Board of Certified Diabetes Educators and healthcare providers is met.



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