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The Purpose

To effectively utilize DiabetesLocal it may be best to start by understanding the key objective of this site.  The site contains listings and descriptions of currently available and locally accessible resources for those impacted by diabetes.   The provided listings are end points to a resource (not a path to additional information).  To increase the likelihood that what you find here is what you need all of the included resources are reviewed by a health care professional for appropriateness.  ( See About Us and Resource Criteria for more information.)

DiabetesLocal is Intended for:

  • those affected by diabetes
  • those at risk of developing diabetes 
  • care givers 
  • health care professionals 
  • case managers 
  • health systems 
  • services and programs for those with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes


Learn what is available in your community to better manage your diabetes.  Try using the American Association of Diabetes Educators AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors and Education icons, (the categories shown across the top).  Select an icon of interest, read the description to learn about the resources found in this category.

Set Location

Begin by entering your location in the SET LOCATION box in the upper right corner.  Use the zip code or the city and state, separated by a comma.  If no location is set the entire database is searched.  Please realize this may extend the search time and may return an excessive number of resources including many not near your location.

Select a radius in miles for the search.  Set this by either clicking "Set" or hit Enter.  Some resources will be identified as statewide or nationwide. These resource will display as appropriate no matter what radius is selected.

There are two primary tools for finding a resource:  a word search or a guided search.

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Guided Search

Guided  Search: Use the AADE7 Self-Care Behavior and Education icons, the categories shown across the top. Please read the category descriptions to learn more about diabetes self-management.

[image of category icons]

When you choose a Self-Care Behavior or Education a listing of subcategories will appear in the box on the right. To review a listing of all the subcategories go to the Category Chart

SELECT A SUBCATEGORY:  Select a subcategory to find the service, program, or products within that subcategory available in your community.  (Note: after selecting a Category, resources are not displayed until a subcategory is selected or a word search is executed.  See below for more on a word search)

[Image of subcategory box]

To review a listing of all the subcategories go to the Category Chart.

Word Search

[image of word search box, no cat options]

In the search block, type a search word, for example "clinic" and click on the magnifying glass or hit enter. A word search is performed using all resource record fields - short and full description, title, address, phone, resource email and more.

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Tips & Tricks for Word Search

Following are a few specific hints to effectively using the word search function of DiabetesLocal:

Always set the location: A blank location field searches the entire database.  Please realize this may extend the search time and may return an excessive number of items including many that may not be near your location.

Currently the search results are returned sorted by the distance from the Set Location. 

[image of word search box with category options]

  • The word search is performed using all resource record fields included short and full description, title, address, phone, resource email and more.
  • Multiple words: resources are returned that contain ALL words entered. 
  • A specific phrase: enclose multiple word in quotation marks to returned a list of resources containing the exact phrase.
  • And function search: All independent words or phrases will be considered "anded" for a search. (add circle before item)
  • Or function search: At this time there is no specific "or" function for searching.  To accomplish an "or" search, perform independent, single item searches.(add circle before item)
  • State or National search: Resources flagged as STATEWIDE or NATIONWIDE will be displayed with results that otherwise meet the Set Location and radius requirement.  All returned resources are displayed by distance from the locations.  Therefore, state and national resources may be the farthest from the location and at the end of the list.

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A Resource Display

[image of basic resource display]

A resource display provides the name, address, contact information, website, email contact and a brief description or the service, program, or product offered.  More detail is available by selecting "more".

Widgets: In each resource box there may be four "widgets" visible.  They are labeled: Website, Email, Print and Map It.  Click on the widget for the desired action.
[image/chart of widgets]

Website - A link to the website as provided by the resource.

Email - A form to complete that will send an email message to the resource.  This feature is only available to logged in users (please see Registered Users).

Print - Will open a new window with information for the chosen resource and your print dialogue box.

Map-It - Links to a Google Map for the resource address.

Claim Resource - For a resource added through a recommendation, not by the resource owner, this link will allow the resource owner to request access to the listing in order to edit and maintain the information about the resource.

Sharing: Tell someone else about what you have found.

[image of sharing options]

Below the resource window is the Share/Save widget. Select the desired method to share or use the email Tab.  Within the email tab, four of the most popular email sites are available, or you may select the icon in the lower left to activate your default email program.

[image of using default email client, e.g. outlook]

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Contact a Resource

The resource address and phone number are displayed in the right side of the resource window.  Choose the website widget to view the resource's website or choose the email widget to send a message to the resource. The email widget requires a user to be logged in, see Registered Users

Recommend a Resource

If you are aware of a resource not listed please help us by Recommending a Resource. Click on the Add a Resource to our library on the right side of the page. On the Add a Resource page, two options are presented; the second is to Recommend a Resource.  By clicking on Recommend a Resource you will be directed to a referral form, The site administrator will contact the resource based on the referral information and request the resource to submit their information to DiabetesLocal.

Registered Users

A Registered User has completed an identification form and has access to log in.  Registration is required for some actions.

Who should register as a user?  Anyone may register as a user, if you are adding a resource, recommending a resource, or emailing a resource you must register as a user.

Registered User features:   At this time features for registered users are:

  • the ability to add a resource
  • edit that resources
  • email any resource
  • access to the Registered Users Only page

Additional features are planned.

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How to register:  Click on the orange Sign Up box in the top right corner.  You will enter a username, email address and password.  Complete the word verification (captcha) to protect your information then click on Create new account.  The email address is critical for security and to better enable your access to your account/password.  DiabetesLocal will not publish or distribute your email address.  DiabetesLocal will use your email to contact you IF there is an issue with a resource for which you are the contact.

After submitting your user information you will receive a confirmation email instructing you how to access your account. Once logged in you may add, recommend, or email a resource.

How to sign in: Click on the orange box Log In located in the upper right corner.  Type your user name or email address and password.   You may now access your resource account and make any changes necessary.

Recover password: If you are a registered user click on  Log In located in the upper right corner.  Enter your email address (or username).  Below the Password block select "Forgot your password?"  You will receive an email with instructions how to activate or recover your password.

Registered User Only page:

  • Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation Newsletters
  • Educational materials
  • Announcements
  • When available, opt in/out for announcements
  • First access to new features

Resource Owners

Resource owners are registered users that have access to add, edit and maintain their own resources.  Once submitted the listing will be reviewed by a healthcare professional to ensure the resource meets the preestablished Resource Criteria

Claim a Resource

You may have discovered a resource for which you are responsible and it has a CLAIM RESOURCE widget in the display.  Or you may suspect your organization is listed and you wish to find it.

To Claim your listing:  If the right side of the listing contains a CLAIM RESOURCE link, click on that link and complete the form.  If an EMAIL link is visible on the right side, someone is currently identified as the primary contact for that resource.  Please click on the EMAIL link and complete the form which will deliver a message to the “resource” email.  Otherwise, please utilize the Contact Us to make a request to DiabetesLocal admin.  In either case, the individual claiming the resource needs  to “Sign Up” as a DiabetesLocal user.  (Additional hints are available below)

The Claim process:  After you have completed the Claim Resource form, the information you provided is delivered to DiabetesLocal Admin for action.   Upon review of your request you will be contacted with recommendations how to proceed as the owner of the resource listing.

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Add a Resource

Click on the green Add a Resource box on the right side. This will direct you to the Add a Resource page. Please read the Resource Criteria displayed on this page.  Click on Add a Resource.  (The Recommend a Resource will not create a resource, rather it will send information to DiabetesLocal Admin for follow-up.) If you are not already logged in, you will view the User Log In page.  Enter your username or email address and password.  If you are not a Registered User, click on Register.

Completing the Resource Submission Form:

Resource Title:   This is the name of your resource.  Be sure to include the name of your institution or organization in the title.  This will be the title viewers will see in blue shaded area in bold letters when searching for a resource.

Resource Name: This is the name of the institution's mailing addresses which is displayed in smaller letters to the right of the title.

Description Blurb: This is a short description describing your resource.  Space is limited to 168 characters.

Full Description: Please provide a detailed description of your resource, including hours of operation, target audience, insurances accepted, how to schedule an appointment and a detailed description of the program or services offered.  There is considerable space for information but please be aware typical users will be most focused on the first view of information.

Category/subcategory:  You may chose multiple subcategories by holding the control key and selecting the desired subcategories.  The count of selected subcategories is visible below the subcategory box.  These subcategories will be reviewed by the reviewer to provide the best searching for our users. For a complete list of categories and subcategories.

Address:  The physical location of the resource; please be sure to include zip code. If you have multiple locations please enter each location separately or contact us regarding a multiple resource upload.

Resource phone: Contact information specific for the program or service of the specific resource listing.

Resource fax: Fax number of resource if available

Resource website: Please use the website URL for the specific resource. This will allow users direct access to your information and not require them to search through your organization's website to locate information about your services.  

Resource email:  This is a generic email address for your resource appropriate for general inquiries e.g. .  It is not necessary to use a personal email unless it is considered the point of contact for general information.

Primary Contact: This is the person responsible for keeping the resource information current. 

Primary Contact email:  Please provide an email address in order to allow DiabetesLocal admin to contact the responsible person directly, to verify the accuracy of the resource information.  Any contact via this email will be to verify the accuracy of the information or questions regarding the listing. Please realize different email addresses and phone numbers are recommended for contacting the resource and for contacting you, the resource owner. The email address for the Primary Contact, the resource owner, is used to provide resource status changes, such as, confirmation the resource was entered, when it has been accepted and posted live, and reminders for ensuring the site is reviewed annually.

Alternate Contact: Please provide information on an additional person in your organization that can be responsible for keeping your resource information current in your absence.

Alternate Contact email:  Please provide email contact information, the alternate contact will be allowed to make changes to the resourc e submission.  This email will be used only in the absence of response from the primary email.

Word verification:  Used as a security protection (captcha)

Resource Scope: If the resource you are entering is a program aligned with a state government or is a national resource such as a mail order pharmacy or a program of the national organization, please notify us at Contact Us.

Save:  Please click on Save

At this time the resource submission will be sent to Admin at DiabetesLocal for review.  Your listing should appear within 3 days.  You will be notified the resource is now active or if further information is required you will be contacted by Admin.

Removal: If for any reason you feel it is no longer appropriate to display your resource, please Contact Us.

Issues: If you have any issues or questions during or after entering your resource, please Contact Us.  

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Adding Multiple Resources:

If you enter more than one resource,with the same address and phone number,  it is necessary to enter ONLY the email address of the contact, the description blurb and the full description. The other information is automatically captured.   If you have multiple locations for a resource each listing must be added separately or Contact Us for assistance in loading multiple listings. Do not forget to click on Submit at the bottom of the form.

If you have many resources to enter please Contact Us for multiple listing options.

To edit a resource:

On the upper right hand corner next to Log In is My Resources, click on My Resources , all of your resources will be shown.  Click on the resource you choose to edit. Your submission will appear on a page with the heading of edit. You may edit the text and make any changes that are needed.  Once completed you may preview your submission by clicking on Preview on the bottom of the page.  If no further changes are necessary on the bottom of the Edit page click Save.  Your revised information should then appear on the site with an updated date.(insert graphic).

To keep your resource current:

A resource is expected to be verified at least annually.  A resource is considered updated or verified if ANY edit occurs (i.e. the Save is selected).  If you experience any problems with the update, please use the Contact Us or reply to the update request.  The DiabetesLocal administrative email accounts are monitored during East Coast business hours. (hyperlink to Contact Us) 

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Find everything within a radius of one zip code:  Set the location. Do not select any categories or if it is an option, choose All Categories located in the search box. With the search box word empty, click on the magnifying glass or hit <enter>.  This will provide a listing of all active resources within that zip code radius.

Find one subcategory everywhere:  Clear the Set Location box click on  Set.  Make sure the Search Resources box is clear.  Chose the desired category then desired subcategory. If no category is selected this will return the entire database.

Find a specific resource:  Because some resources have multiple names associated with the product, service or location, a search may not be successful,  however it is a good place to start.  In the upper right corner of the screen, enter the specific zip code you believe is correct for the location of the resource for which you are searching with a radius of 5 or 15 miles, click SET.  Next, enter a unique word associated with the resource (one word in the title or a street name) into the Search Resources box.  Click the magnifying glass or hit the enter key.  If the resource is not found, please try an alternate word or the 7 digit phone number including the dash in the search box.  If not found, it is moderately safe to assume the resource for that location is not present.  Log in as a user and click ADD a RESOURCE complete the resource submission and you will be notified of its approval.

Find my organization:  If you believe your organization has been entered or if you wish to find if it has been entered, there are multiple options to find your organization,  The method may vary depending if it has multiple locations, multiple names or multiple services.  If the name is moderately consistent and there are multiple locations, insert the key part of the name in the Search Resources box and clear the  Set Location box.  If the name has more than one word, try using two words with quotation marks around the words.  This will require an exact match to that phrase versus any resource that contains the two words in any order.

Learn about diabetes:   When performing a guided search, please be sure to read the paragraphs on the "Category Landing Page."  Be sure to investigate the Education category, on the right end of the category icons.  DiabetesLocal is focused on identifying locally accessible resources.  If you are looking to learn about diabetes or obtain literature, please perform an Internet search or go directly to the website of one of the major organizations specializing in providing educational information about diabetes.  You can start with:

Contact a resource:  The listing displays information as provided by the resource.  A complete listing will have: mailing address; phone; fax; website and a resource email.  The ability to email a resource is limited Registered Users.  The email widget creates a form that will send your message to the resource email address provided.  Although the message is not coming from your personal email, the "reply to address" is the address used in your DiabetesLocal account.  Therefore, if there is an error in delivering the message or if the resource chooses to reply, a message will be delivered to your registered email account.

Feedback to DiabetesLocal:  Any feedback, questions or suggestions will be delivered to the DiabetesLocal staff by completing the Contact Us form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Tell someone about DiabetesLocal:  On the lower right corner of each page is a "sharing widget" that will allow you to easily share the page you are viewing with friends through a social network or email.  Links are provided to the most common of each of these. There is also a link to create an email message from a default email client such as Outlook.  These "sharing" widget capture the "URL" (the web address) of the page you are viewing and provides an opportunity for you to add a message.

[insert images of the sharing widget and email note]

Share a single resource with others:  At this time there is no custom feature for sharing a single, specific resource.  There are, however, multiple means of meeting the objective.  The most common situation is when the desired resource is displayed with multiple listings in a search result.  The simplest and most effective means to share a single resource versus the  entire page of listings is to use the mouse to select and copy the resource Title and paste it into the Search Resources box.  The Title is the name of th e resource that appears in the dark blue header of the resource listing.  If the same title applies to multiple resources within the initial search criteria, it might be necessary to add some descriptive text when sharing the resource. 

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AADE7  - The American Association of Diabetes Educators 7 Self-Care Behaviors are explained at the following site.

Captcha - This occasionally annoying, hard to read, strangely formed set of letters is intended to greatly reduce the ability of automated systems from breaking into users accounts or hacking web sites.  It is necessary to protect your privacy and the integrity of our web site.

Category - DiabetesLocal uses the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors and adds Education as a means of helping users navigate to an appropriate resource and to provide some understanding of the need and value of the listed products and services.

Guided Search - We use the term "Guided Search" to define the process of using categories and subcategories to search for appropriate products and services.  The Guided Search provides value by giving you a little information along the way and ultimately shows specific products and services in your local community based on your selection of the categories and subcategories.

Location - DiabetesLocal is focused on providing information on resources available to support the diabetes community that are current, appropriate and LOCALLY accessible.  In order to determine what is local for a particular purpose, it is necessary to define the desired location.  This definition includes the distance from the core of that zip code.  The exact location happens to be the location of the US Post Office location of that zip code.  It is very reasonable to start with the smallest radius in urban areas, then increase the radius to find more resources if desired.

Page - While using a web browser, as is used with DiabetesLocal a page is the entire area displayed at one time which may require scrolling up, down, right or left to see all of the information available on that particular page.

Registered User - Anyone that goes through the brief Sign Up process is a Registered User.  You must become a registered user to enter a resource, send email to a resource or to view the Registered Users Only page which contains newsletters and will have first access to new features.

Resource - Any program, service, reference or organization that is listed in DiabetesLocal as potentially being of value to the diabetes community.

Resource Owner - Any individual or organization that provides a list AND takes responsibility for insuring accuracy of the listing.

Share - We encourage people to help people by sharing information.  You can use the Share Widget at the bottom of the page to tell someone else about DiabetesLocal, about a listing or even a particular resource.  We encourage our users to SHARE good information with their friends and professional associates.

Subcategory - Within each Category, resources are subdivided to allow users to better understand the value of the resource and to better meet a specific need.  The Categories are based on a well established, professional process of successful diabetes self-management.  The subcategories are defined by DiabetesLocal.

Supporters - DiabetesLocal is a non-branded website initially funded by the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation.  A key to successful diabetes self management is engagement of the community.  Under the Supporters page we are recognizing organizations and individuals that are playing a key role in our success.

Title - The Title of a resource is displayed in the first line, in the dark blue area, in search results.  It usually includes a name for the product or service and a name of the organization providing the resource.

User - Anyone that browses DiabetesLocal is considered a user.  There are registered users, resource owners and non-registered users.

Widget - Many of the icons, or small images, in DiabetesLocal are links to other pages or features of DiabetesLocal.  These are termed Widgets by the online community.

Word Search - The box in the right column of the screen with a magnifying glass titled Search Resources is used to look for particular words or phrases within the database or within the currently displayed Guided Search results.  Please see Searching for more information.

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How to add a resource to DiabetesLocal

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